BON4L Transparent Black Large Chastity Device

BON4L Transparent Black Large Chastity Device

Silicone cage 4.33″ Internal cage length: 3.46″ Cage opening diameter: 1.37″ 4 Different silicone back rings: 1.57″/, 1.73″, 1.88″ and 2.04″ 2 Nylon pins 2 Plastic locking straps 5 Individually numbered plastic seal locks A top quality padlock
Between 2 to 5 weeks
 Out-of-stock Expected wait time 2-4 weeks


BON4L Transparent Black The BON4L in transparant black silicone. Lightweight, hygienic and comfortable to wear. The BON4L comes in a relatively big cage that has a natural “penis shape”. With standard 4 different sizes of silicone back rings.

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